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Thanks for visiting my website!  Perhaps you know me as a professor, or as an author, Bible translator, or speaker.  If you're looking for information, hopefully it will be on one of the links on this site.  You can read most of my published articles from links on "Karen's Articles." If you can't find what you're looking for here, or you'd like to contact me, please email:  karen.jobes@wheaton.edu  

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Karen Jobes

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From the publisher:
"A New Testament commentary steeped in the Old Testament

Through Old Testament Eyes is a new kind of commentary series that illuminates the Old Testament backgrounds, allusions, patterns, and references saturating the New Testament. These links were second nature to the New Testament authors and their audiences, but today's readers often cannot see them. Bible teachers, preachers, and students committed to understanding Scripture will gain insight through these rich Old Testament connections, which clarify puzzling passages and explain others in fresh ways.

In John Through Old Testament EyesKaren Jobes reveals how the Old Testament background of the Gospel of John extends far beyond quotes of Old Testament Scripture or mention of Old Testament characters. Jobes discusses the history, rituals, images, metaphors, and symbols from the Old Testament that give meaning to John's teaching about Jesus—his nature and identity, his message and mission—and about those who believe in him.

Avoiding overly technical discussions and interpretive debates to concentrate on Old Testament influences, volumes in the Through Old Testament Eyes series combine rigorous, focused New Testament scholarship with deep respect for the entire biblical text."